You really are very talented and I am so grateful to be able to have all the amazing portraits you have taken over the years of Alexis and now Chloe. In a world where time goes by way too fast and kids grow up too quickly, you are able to capture moments that matter and will last a lifetime.
- Crystal Campitiello
Thank you so much for your beautiful work. Sean and I love all your photos. I really appreciate your friendliness, patience, and sharing your gift of photography with us. You are the best!
- Kathy Houston
OMG you do amazing work!!!! These are truly precious!!!! I am so excited to share with everyone!
- Paula Flynn
These are what I dreamed of when I booked you and beyond what I could have hoped for after experiencing that shoot. You are a magician! My kids look as adorable as I know them to be... not like the silly gooses they were being while you were here. I don't know how you did it!
- Pam Lacey
I would love to call you and THANK YOU but I cannot stop crying! The pictures are so breathtaking... I'm having a hard time pulling it together! You have captured my babies so PERFECTLY! Thank you, thank you!
- Amy Ravallo
AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Can't even decide which ones I love more and can't wait to show Marco!!! You are the best!! Sooooo happy!
- Katherine Leahy Birch
The slideshow is to die for incredible. Trying to compose my thoughts because I'm completely blown away again. I love every one of them.
- Michelle Kutsak
Thank you for giving me such beautiful photographs of my kids, Patti! I could buy all the cameras in the world and I couldn't do what you can, thank you, thank you!!
- Lara Duffy
We absolutely love them. They brought us both to tears. Thanks soooo very much for capturing such beauty in these pictures. They are absolutely precious!
- Jackie Bryce
WOW!! What can we say? You are amazing. When we got to the photos of the boys together, I burst out into tears! THANK YOU, Patti. Love them!!!!!
- Cheryl Lynch
I'm speechless... as always! They are simply amazing!
- Lauren Hall
The pictures are absolutely AMAZING! I couldn't be happier. They brought me to tears, as it's truly a miracle that I even have them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Christine Purcell
They are amazing! Thank you so much- you have such a talent to capture such beautiful moments!!!
- Curran Scoble
Oh my gosh... I am crying I am so blown away by these! You so captured my children! I LOVE them... thank you so much!
- Katie Finn
PATTI!!!!! You've done it again! These are beautiful and capture our family perfectly. The life that is in these photos is extraordinary. Thank you Patti. You've captured moments that we will look back at forever and cherish.
- Danielle Massood
I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you... It is very rare to find someone in this day and age that actually does unique work, is excellent to work with, respects her client's schedule and ends up with a product we will adore for years to come. We absolutely love your work!
- Joe and Jen Iacono
Patti, these are stunning! Nan looks fabulous--you captured such perfect moments, asleep and awake, and I'm sure many of them lasted less than a millisecond when they were happening. Thank you so much!
- Amanda Patten
I wanted to tell you that I received more emails and text about how beautiful the announcements are than I did about the actual birth of Charlotte. Your work is amazing and you are a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!
- Carol Cerussi